Fuel Pumps

HGV Fuel pumps are mechanical components that are used to transfer fuel from the fuel tank to the engine of a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). The fuel pump is typically located in the fuel tank, and uses an electric motor to draw fuel through a filter and into the engine. There are different types of fuel pumps available, such as mechanical and electric, and the most common type for HGV's is the electric fuel pump. These pumps are designed to withstand the heavy loads and extreme temperatures that HGV's are subjected to. They are also designed to provide a consistent and reliable flow of fuel to the engine, and to work at high pressures. It is important to regularly check and maintain your fuel pump as a worn or damaged pump can cause engine issues, including poor performance and even engine failure.

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Fuel Pump VLFP0001

Quality aftermarket Feed Pump 7420997341 Suits truck/ trailer brands: RENAULT, VOLVO If you are unsure about vehicle fitmant please call our parts exp...
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