Propshaft Centre Bearings

The prop shaft centre bearing, also known as a drive shaft centre support bearing, is a component in the drivetrain of a heavy-duty vehicle such as an HGV. It is typically located in the centre of the prop shaft, which is a shaft that transmits power from the transmission to the rear axle. The centre bearing serves to support the prop shaft and reduce vibrations and noise that can be caused by the rotating prop shaft. It also helps to absorb and reduce any misalignment between the transmission and the rear axle. These bearings are typically made of metal and rubber and are designed to withstand the heavy loads and vibrations of the vehicle. It's important to keep the prop shaft centre bearing well-maintained and to check it regularly for any signs of wear or damage, as a failed bearing can lead to driveline vibration and noise, and could cause damage to other driveline components.

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