Air Line Couplings

Air line couplings, also known as air brake fittings, are used to connect the various components of a heavy goods vehicle's (HGV) air brake system. They are used to connect the air brake lines, valves, and other components of the system. These fittings can come in different types, such as push-to-connect, threaded and quick release, which are used depending on the specific application and the type of the vehicle. They are typically made of durable materials such as brass, steel, and aluminum, and are designed to withstand the high pressure and temperatures of the compressed air used in the air brake system.

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Air line couplings are typically designed to be leak-free to ensure that the air brake system functions properly and safely. They are also designed to be easy to connect and disconnect, making maintenance and repair work easier for mechanics. It is important to ensure that the air line couplings are correctly connected and are in good condition to prevent any leakage, which can lead to the brake failure and an accident.