Air Dryer Cartridges

An air dryer cartridge is a component used in the air brake system of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) to remove moisture and contaminants from the compressed air before it reaches the brake system. The air dryer cartridge is typically located near the compressor and air storage tanks. It is a replaceable element that consist of desiccant beads inside that absorbs the moisture in the air, this desiccant is usually made of silica gel. 

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The compressed air enters the air dryer and passes through the desiccant beads which absorb any moisture present in the air. The dried air is then sent to the brake system to power the brakes. The desiccant material can lose its moisture-absorbing ability over time and need to be replace with a new cartridge.

It is important to maintain the air dryer system, that includes monitoring the air pressure, replacing the cartridge and monitoring the indicator light that indicate when the cartridge needs to be replaced. A failed air dryer can cause issues like freezing brakes, corrosion in the brake system, and reduction in the braking efficiency